Kamis, 22 Juni 2017

Community Building

Related with strong leadership

I learned from Historical of Nasu Canal, how the good purpose only can happen with a good strategy, good management and good attitude with honest, sacrifice and hard work start from the leader up to the members. Nobody take a hidden benefit from there but they got a benefit for all members together.
Community building will long / durable when everyone in community taking responsibility and contribution equally.



This activity is very much great in ARI. How deep this activity to be an important learning, is very clear, very dynamic, very inspire us, teach us to know how is life is start, germinate, grow, face some difficulties, maintain until harvesting. All those things are describe how is life begin until ending. How farmer should face many steps in one cycle of cultivation of one kind of crop. And so another kinds of their crop. How difficult and high value all that they have to do. When we respect the product (crop, veg, livestock) with efficiency using good way in preparation and learn this important thing to our children and family to respect too, we also respect to life.
Meal service is a unique activity in ARI. Kitchen management is very good learning here. How to manage time and share the burdens, how much, how to prepare for "Debaki-Ban San-Rehana" and other special needs. Sometimes not so simple but wonderful. That's the art of management. Very useful learning for our community back home.


Servant Leadership ARI 2014


I am very much interested with servant leadership in ARI which is shown by top leader (Otsu Sensei), no excuse for any activity: cleaning, diswashing,. It's very good curriculum that arranged all the whole learning become unity which have to be shown by  a good leader: to serve, to accomodate, to encourage, to manage, sometimes also she/he have to direct and mking a decision thoughnessly.
Also good communication with everyone, no exception for building good relatioan and networking.

Eunike-ARI 2014