Selasa, 17 Maret 2015

Sustainable Agriculture Story for children

Sustainable Agriculture Story for children

My name is Eunike, I came from Indonesia. I have 2 children, and I am here for telling you a story.
Which of you who like to know the story ?

Kiko’s Birthday

One day in a village in Indonesia, there is a boy named Kiko. His parents were farmers. They grow rice, corn, potatoes, vegetables and fruits in their fields so that they are never lack of nutritious food. But these days Kiko is no appetite. Every day he watched television broadcast propaganda food always looks so delicious. Kiko wanted his mother to buy those foods like in the propaganda.
Two days again is Kiko’s birthday to 8 years. He came to his mother and father and say: Mom, dad, 2 days again is my birthday, tomorrow mother will go to the town, isn’t it, so buy for me the delicious cake like in the television propaganda, please.
Without knowing what his mother and father thinking, but they just replied: "Yes".
The next morning, before leaving for school, Kiko remind her mother: "Mom, do not forget my order cake". Her mother replied: “OK”.
The mother went to the town to comply with the request of her son. Mother was leaving by  freight cars passing in front of their homes to the town. But on the way, the mother saw the expanse of yellow rice, the next to field there are corn and potatoes are ready for harvest. Mother daydreaming, remembering his childhood with his parents, Kiko’s grandparents. Together they grow rice, cassava, maize and vegetables, and when harvest time came they harvest with joyfull. Mother feels so happy of remembering her childhood. Suddenly the mother canceled a plan to go to town. Mother returned home.
Do you know, what did the mother do then?

During the day, when Kiko came home from school, he went straight to his mother and asked: "Mom, where's the cake I ordered?"
Mother while pointing, simply replied: "That is your ordered foods".
Kiko goes to the designated place where his mother pointing. Kiko was very surprised to with what he is seen in front of him, then he called out to his mother, while a little angry: “Mom, why there are only corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, vegetables and some fruits from the garden behind our house? Where's the cake? "

Her mother smiled and replied: "Do not be angry, my son. Our yields is always enough for us we  eat every day, so why should we buy? "
Kiko still protested: "But mom, I want the good cake like in the television propaganda. I invited my friends to come on my birthday, If you only cooks our yields, ugly like this, what will they say. I will be ashamed, mom. I want a delicious cake ... instead of corn, potatoes and vegetables was " Kiko continue saying with almost cried.

Her mother replied again: "Why should you ashamed? All our crops are God's blessing. We should be grateful for all our efforts since prepared the seeds with ARI community, seedling with Mayu San, planting, fertilizing (with organic fertilizer of course), water it, eventually produced a plenty harvest, the food was nutritious, not inferior to the expensive food like in the television propaganda. We were feeding chicken together with Uncle Timo and we collected eggs everyday, feeding fish and duck with Ban San and managing pig farm with Jil San. Everything is enough for us to eat.

I am also grew up and healthy because your grandparents always provide nutritious food from their organic garden for me. I really love you, my son, so I also want to provide the best food for you, from our own fields, free of preservatives, free of additives, I guaranteed it will be healthy, and I will teach you how to make the most delicious meals from ingredients that we harvest from our own fields".
Do you understand now, Kiko?

"Now I understand, Mother" Kiko answered. Immediately, Kiko prayer of gratitude thus: Thank you, Lord Jesus, because You bless our family with plenty of harvest, always enough for us to eat every day. Amen.
Kiko continued say tohis mother: "Now I'm not ashamed anymore, mom. Instead I'm proud and I'm going to tell my friends, how happy getting crops: rice, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruit from our own fields, no need to buy anymore. And I want to learn from you, mom, how to cook delicious food from our own harvest.
Thank you Mom.